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Education for Inclusive Excellence




In any discipline or field, a key goal is to facilitate and support the learning of all students regardless of their differences. Classrooms, in particular, are sites of cultural terrains that promote student empowerment and self transformation. In an effort to mediate and strengthen our support for faculty, we developed a range of resources to support inclusive classroom practices.  

Faculty Intranet



Our professional staff are instrumental in providing services and support to one of our most important stakeholders: students. The student- experience is influenced by our endeavor to positively impact outcomes related to persistence, retention, and graduation. In an effort to mediate and strengthen our support for staff, we developed a range of resources that might help to better understand all students, regardless of the differences they embody.

Staff Intranet



We endeavor to create, promote, and support an exceptional landscape of education at the University of Utah for all students to succeed, regardless of their differences. In an effort to facilitate the conditions under which all students are expected to thrive and succeed, we developed a range of resources to empower inclusive excellence and its connection to knowledge, accountability, and change.

Student Intranet

Last Updated: 4/4/22