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You Belong at the U

In partnership with the Parent Fund, the Office for Inclusive Excellence invited students to creatively share their narratives, perspectives, and experiences at the U. As a response to this call, students produced humanizing narratives emphasizing stories of persistence and resilience within an academically rigorous environment. In their authentic voices, they articulate a need to instill a sense of belonging while inadvertently calling upon educators to create materials conditions that support students' pursuit of excellence. In doing so, they encourage us to remain open to change, fluidity, complexity, and inevitable changes that challenge common (mis)perceptions leading to increased understandings of excellence.

We highly encourage faculty, practitioners, students and the general public to view the videos. If you are a member of our campus community and feel inspired to submit a video of your own, please contact Dr. Belinda Otukolo Saltiban, director of The Office for Inclusive Excellence.

Grey Matters: Dance for Parkinsons
by Stephane Glynn

Critical Social Justice
by Joel Lehi Organista

Tunnel of Oppression
by Voices of Diversity

Connected to U
by Ciriac Alvarez

Shadow: A Turning Point from Adversity
by Sarah Benj

I Am Not One Type of Woman 
by Elizabeth Morales, Brianda De Leon, Rebeca Gonzalez & Edie Nguyen

Last Updated: 2/3/17